Mac Dennis – Far North Coast Junior Lifesaver of the Year

Brunswick SLSC is proud to announce Mac Dennis is Far North Coast Junior Lifesaver of the Year and wins High Commendation at NSW State titles.

Mac joined Brunswick Surf Lifesaving Club when he moved into the area from the US at the age of six.  He was an enthusiastic nipper joining in on Sundays and attending every extra training available.  He also became involved with fundraising at a young age, participating in the annual Australia Day breakfast in the park and raising money for the nippers through numerous raffles.

In his final year of nippers Mac was involved in several club initiatives.  Some of the activities he enjoyed most were the Swim Between the Flags program at the local primary schools and helping with the Papua New Guinea Surf Appeal which provides surf lifesaving equipment and surfing gear to villages in Papua New Guinea.  This program also teaches surf safety and lifesaving skills to the villagers.

Mac plans on being a member of Brunswick SLSC for a long time to come.  “I love being a part of Brunswick and Surf Lifesaving.  There is always someone at the beach to hang out with and catch waves.  If I ever need help with something I know I have someone I can turn to, there are lots of older guys around to give you advice and help you out.  Being a part of a surf club, especially a small club like Bruns, is like having a second family.”

Through the Junior Surf Lifesaver of the Year program Mac has been able to develop his leadership skills and meet several other Lifesavers from all over the state.  He is looking forward to catching up with his mates from the development camp at the State Titles held at Cudgen Headlands this year.  “We keep in touch through Facebook and it’s fun to hear about what the other guys are up to. I can’t wait to see everyone again.”

In addition to resuming his patrolling duties this year, Mac is planning on continuing to go into the schools and teaching students surf safety as well as his involvement with the PNG surf appeal. He is also excited to come down to the beach on Sunday mornings and helping out with the younger members of the club.
As for the future? “You meet lots of great people through Surf Life Saving and there are so many fun ways to get involved.  Being a part of this organisation can help you get paid work or even opportunities to use your skills overseas.  Both sound good to me!”